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Monneli Epofloor SL (FCT)

Fast Cure Solvent-Free Epoxy Self Leveling Topping (2.0-4.0mm) for Concrete Floors

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Food factories and slaughterhouses
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Technical Information
Product Description

EPOFLOOR SL (FCT) is a solvent free self-leveling floor topping based on formulated epoxy resin, curing agents and silica sand specially selected for their ability to be applied and cured in cold temperatures.

Packaging, Coverage / Consumption

EPOFLOOR SL (FCT) is supplied as a pre-measured kit depending on the customer’s requirements. Our standard packing is 15 liter kit.

EPOFLOOR SL (FCT) contains resin (Component A), hardener (Component B) and graded sand (Component C):

  • EPOFLOOR SL (FCT) resin (Component A) is a low viscosity standard Coloured base which contains fillers and pigments.
  • EPOFLOOR SL (FCT) hardener (Component B) is a low viscosity and low colour hardener which after mixing with the base, is less-yellowing and can be applied at 75% humidity. The hardener provides excellent chemical and abrasion resistance.
  • EPOFLOOR SL (FCT) Component C is a graded low dusting silica sand.
Shelf Life & Storage

Keep in tightly closed containers and in sheltered and dry place with a temperature between +5°C and +35°C. In these conditions it maintains its characteristics unchanged for 12 months.

Technical Properties
Solid Content


Recommended DFT / coat

2.0 – 4.0mm

Kit Size

15 Liter

Theoretical Coverage

3.75– 7.5 m2 / 15 liter

Pot Life at 7°C

90 minutes

Pot Life at 18°C

30 minutes

Thin Layer (2mm) Dry Time at 7°C

15 hours

Thin Layer (2mm) Dry Time at 18°C

5 hours

Mixing Ratio HARDENER : BASE : SAND (by weight)

2.07 : 13.70 : 12.00

Mixed Density at 20°C

1.51 kg/L

Max Recoat/Topcoat Time at 7°C

24 hours

Max Recoat/Topcoat Time at 18°C

6-8 hours

Application Maximum Relative Humidity


Compressive Strength (ASTM C579)

> 80 N / mm2

Bending Strength (ASTM C580)

> 20 N / mm2

Tensile Strength (ASTM C307)

> 12 N / mm2

Bond Strength to Concrete (ASTM D4541)

> 2.0 N / mm2

Taber Abrasion (ASTM D4060 CS17 Wheels)

70 mg loss/1000cycles

Water Absorption (ASTM D413 ) (maximum)


Porosity with no sealer NACE Sand TM-01-74


Hardness Shore D


Application Information
Instructions for use

Application Thickness

A thickness of 2.0 – 4.0 mm per coat over a primer is recommended.

Items Needed

  • Multi-speed drill fitted with a mixing paddle
  • Good quality medium haired non-shedding roller, suitable for epoxy application. Ensure that all loose hairs on the roller have been removed before use
  • 7” Screed Rake
  • Spike Roll and Spike Shoes
  • Clean bucket, 2” brush and SOLVENTE 10 to clean the equipment


Adjust the rake to the desired thickness.

Using a drill and a paddle at low speed, stir the resin (Component A) for 1 min. Slowly add the hardener (Component B) and increase mixing speed. Mix for 1-2 minutes, ensuring proper mixing between both components A & B.

Slowly add the Sand (Component C) and increase mixing speed. Mix for 1-2 minutes till a homogeneous streak free product is obtained.

Pour the mix onto the floor immediately and spread using the rake. After about 5 minutes use the spike roll to remove all entrapped air.


Clean equipment with SOLVENTE 10. In case of spillage, use fine silica or cement to absorb the spill and dispose of according to local regulations.

Surface Preparation

The concrete must be at least 28 days old. The concrete must be free from loose matter, oil and dirt before starting surface preparation.

The best method to prepare the surface is dry grinding using a specialized planetary grinder. Before grinding, the surface must be free from any degreasing or cleaning chemicals which may have been used. At the end of grinding, the surface should be flat.

Surface irregularities and blow holes shall be repaired with EPOFINISH FC.

When the filler is hardened, grinding and leveling of the patched area is recommended to ensure a good finish.

Ensure dust is removed from the surface using an industrial vacuum.

For best finish and adhesion, treat the surface with PRIMER POXY FC. In case the surface is very absorbent, apply a second coat of primer within the allowed recoating time.

Additional Information
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