Combo Roof System

Colmef Monneli Combo Roof System

Roof Waterpoofing and Thermal Insulation System

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Technical Information

Combo Roof System is a highly efficient system designed to waterproof and provide full thermal insulation of an entire roof. It is composed of Colmefoam HD, Idrolastic, Neocem Screed 100, Armofab 140P & Elastoseal PS-GG.

Products included in this system
Colmefoam HD

Spray Polyurethane Foam For Roof Waterproofing

Monneli Armofab

Non-Woven Geotextile Reinforcing / Protection Fabrics

Monneli Elastoseal PS

Two Component Polysulphide Sealant

Monneli Idrolastic

Elastomeric Cementitious Waterproofing Mortar

Monneli Neocem Screed 100

Pre-mixed Floor Screed

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