Monneli Elastojoint RHS Plus


ELASTOJOINT RHS is an advanced re-injectable hose system designed for installation of construction joints, ready for subsequent injection of polyurethane, epoxy resin or acrylic compounds where there’s a need for an injection grout in order to waterproof them in areas such as:
• Water retaining structures (canals, dams and reservoirs etc.)
• Water excluding structures (subways, tunnels, retaining wall, and basements etc.)
• Buildings, bridge decks and other concrete structures in general
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Technical Information
Product Description

ELASTOJOINT RHS PLUS is a unique re-injectable hose system that ensures secure, simple and rapid sealing of horizontal and vertical construction joints which in turn eliminates the need for welding and installation of water bar and does not deteriorate over time.

ELASTOJOINT RHS PLUS is designed specifically to provide a resilient, hardwearing and optimum resistant construction joint even when permanently immersed in ground water, sewage, alkalis, saline, acids, petrol, diesel and alcohol.

  • Fast and can easily be installed even to most complicated design
  • Proven and predictable performance
  • Joints can be tested or verified for water tightness before installation of membrane or backfilling
  • No drilling required thus prevents damage to concrete
  • Economical and maintenance free
  • Appropriate for operation under high or low injection pressure
  • Does not depreciate even when exposed to injection materials polyurethane, resin or acrylic
  • Suitable for multiple injections to seal working joints against pressing and non-pressing water
Packaging, Coverage / Consumption


  • Injectable Hose : 100 linear meter /carton
  • Shutter Connector : 20 pcs/carton (red & yellow stripes)
Shelf Life & Storage


Keep the product in dry, covered shed and must be stored in place where temperature is above 0°C.

Application Information
Instructions for use


The hose shall allow for vacuuming operations, water cleaning and multiple / repeated use. The construction of the hose shall permit free discharge of the specified injected grout into the concrete for the entire length of the hose.

The system should be suitable for multiple re-injections over the whole life of the structure.  The contractor shall submit detailed hose layouts to reflect the construction sequence and joint locations.  

 The hose installation shall be carried out without any cuts and joints when installed at multiple bends, corners or around congested reinforcement.  The hose shall be capable of following infinite changes in direction and turn corners with ease.

The hoses shall be fitted with vent ends in lengths to suit field-measured conditions, with a maximum of 10 linear meters for each hose, including vent ends.  Inlet and outlet PVC vent ends shall be reinforced, colour-coded (for identification), internally connected to the re-injectable hose and secured to it with shrink-on sleeves or special shutter connectors.


  • Injection should take place as late as possible when all hydration heat had dissipated. (For pre-injection, kindly contact Colmef Technical Department)
  • Any settlement or shrinkage of members should have taken place to a great extent and allow a waiting period of at least 4 weeks
  • The injection hose should not be too close to the concrete surface to be formed or in contact with it under any circumstances. Maintain a concrete cover ­­≥ 50mm
  • The injection hose must not be located outside the wall
  • Use only the injection hose in construction joints and never in the expansion joints unless it is placed on both sides of PVC waterstop (for expansion joints)
  • In cases where there’s a heavy water outflow from the shutter connectors, screw the conical-head nipples into the shutter connectors in order to prevent them from clogging
  • Whether and where you need to inject at all is largely dependent on the fact whether and where water penetrates. The injection can turn out to be unnecessary if there is no water penetration

ELASTOJOINT RHS PLUS shall not be fixed at intervals longer than 15cm.  Inlet and outlet vents shall terminate in junction boxes that shall be heavy-duty plastic made for embedment in concrete and of adequate size for housing and protection of the injection hose vent ends.  Boxes shall be securely fitted with temporary “knock-out” covers to be used during concreting operations.  Where exposed, boxes shall be fitted with covers mounted flush with the surrounding area.

Surface Preparation

The surface of the concrete shall be flat, dry, smooth, sound, clean and uncontaminated. 

This preparation shall be such as to leave a sound exposed concrete surface free from dust, loose particles and any deleterious matter. If the concrete surface is defective or has laitance, it must be cut back to a sound base.

Oil, grease, varnishes, rust, dust and mould on metal surfaces shall be removed by wire or stiff brushing and grit blasting then wiped with SOLVENTE 10 prior to priming.

Moss and lichen must be removed physically followed by treatment with fungicidal wash. After treatment, it must be washed down thoroughly with clean water and allow to dry.

Voids and honeycombs shall be patched with EPOFINISH C or BETOFINISH C allowing the area to cure before installation.

Additional Information
Health & Safety

There are no health hazards in connection with ELASTOJOINT RHS in normal use.

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